Vaibhav Kaushik 

Senior SAP Business One Consultant 

Best Seidor consultant in 2017/2019 


Diversity does not stop here for us, rather this is just the start of the day. Welcome to Seidor Mena and glimpse the cultural diversity we enjoy.

My name is Vaibhav Kaushik, but here everyone calls me VK, internationalizing my name 😊. I was born in New Delhi, India and like traveling, adventure sports and sometimes debating with my friends on various topics among other things. Knowledge, love and determination are 3 pillars of my life.


I’am inquisitive by nature so im always exited to learn new things, be it technology, politics, life or history. We have colleagues from different countries which means multiple sources of knowledge from your work place where you spend 8-9 hours on a daily basis.

We not only share the stories on our traditions and history with our colleagues, we also share the philosophy and the values among us, which gives us an advantage with our customers who cherish this vibrancy as we can speak their language and clearly understand and communicate with them. 

By working alongside people of different backgrounds, experiences and working styles, creative concepts can be born sharing ideas with each other and offering feedback and suggestions.


Having diversity not only fosters creativity by adding a wide range of perspectives and ideas, but it also helps you overcome challenges which otherwise will be impossible in your normal circumstances. Let me present you with a first hand experience of that, imagine being stuck in a situation where you are with your 3 year old child and a wife on a vacation mood ( you do not want to spoil that) in a foreign land, where you do not know anyone and you do not have a vocabulary of more than 3 words in that language. I was about to go into panic mode when it hit my mind:

hey! I have a colleague from this city.

I ring him up and in the next 2 minutes I was out of that mess and happily walking away in the bustling street in my lovely holiday mood. Now this is just one of the few examples of how we leverage the cultural diversity present within the organization. I consider myself to be lucky to be working in such an organization which is not only having a global footprint, but also the employees synchronize with each other to perform best of their ability and compliment each other which is a rare sight.