Payroll Software & Employee Administration Solution


Payroll and Employees Administration solution which is localized for the Middle East countries to comply with the different legislations, employees information & visa tracking which helps you to execute payroll with accuracy and paying your employees on time.

Customer Challenges

Every organization regardless of its size strives to bring company into success, increase employee’s productivity and keep them satisfied. Challenges in HR faced by most of the companies are to calculate the provisions for working hours, deductions, leave salary, benefits, air-ticket management and gratuity. Organizations also target to Process Payroll accurately, on time, and adhere to government regulations which is not easy and time consuming with the traditional systems.


Nomina Solution Benefits to Businesses Based in Dubai, UAE & the Middle East


Automated Functionalities

Get full control over your payroll process by improving accuracy and recordkeeping with less expensive, more accurate, trusted and accessible transactions.

Time Value

One of the most valuable assets of the company is employee’s time. Through automating and streamlining all of your processes, it will help increase productivity and efficiency.

Easily integrates to SAP ERP software

Nomina is certified by SAP and integrated with SAP ERP Solutions. It can also seamlessly integrate with other ERP systems.

Less Operational Cost

Reduce calculation errors to the minimum, lower your risk, and utilize your employees better to focus more on the company strategic goals.

Localized to Middle East legislation

Nomina Payroll Add-on supports all functions and labor laws for performing salary processing in Dubai and UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon

Comprehensive reports

Nomina Payroll and Employee Administration is a payroll software specifically programmed to help you have all the critical information you need right at your fingertips, thus effectively streamlining the process and standardizing key reports.

Distinguishing Features

  • Allowances management
  • Advance salary management
  • Loan management
  • End of services management
  • Air-tickets management
  • Provisioning IFRS standards
  • Deductions management
  • Overtime management
  • Work Schedule Management
  • Social security for locals
  • Leave management
  • Payroll reports
  • Cost center and project vise payroll
  • Overtime reporting

Intuitive Software Solutions from Seidor MENA

We provide software solutions that are designed to accelerate day-to-day business processes, minimize risk for human error, and increase accuracy and transparency. Our solutions can be easily integrated with existing systems, allowing users to seamlessly adopt and execute new functionalities for payroll management. With reduced time and resources required to complete payroll-related tasks, users and businesses can maximize their potential for further growth in their respective industries. We are thrilled to have Seidor NOMINA solution in house. It can save us a lot of time which we can utilize on other tasks and avoid potential human errors and hours lost to correct it. By saving money and better budgeting we will improve our decision making and planning process Neeraj Vohra, Unikai CEO.