Automate your Payroll cycle and keep your employees Happy

  • Minimum calculation errors 
  • Less paperwork
  • Time saving 
  • Labor law compliance
  • Headcount planning & forecasting



Salary Details

Manage employee pay cycle, basic wages, allowances, benefits , increments and deductions

  • Basic Salary
  • Fixed allowances
  • Variable incomes
  • Bonus
  • Commissions
  • Contributions
  • Reimbursements and many more

Leave Management


Plan and allocate resources seamlessly with leave management module through tracking employees leave records. Handle all approvals online and keep more positive employer work relationship 


  • Excessive paper work
  • Legal compliance
  • Tracking leave
  • Leave Payment

Social Insurance Saving Scheme & Tax


  • Manage your employee Social Insurance ,Tax deductions in payroll
  • No more Manual Deductions
  • Legal compliance
  • Easy to configure
  • Easy to allocate for Employees
  • Automated calculation and deduction in Payroll

Loan Management

Helps HRAccounts team to manage and track employee advances and loan in one platform.


  • Configure Different types of loan
  • Configure Loan repayment from Payroll
  • Define the policies and Rules for Repayment
  • Define the instalment & Repayment method (Payroll or Cash)
  • Easy to manage and track the employee outstanding loan

Payroll Processing

In one click compute salaries which includes leave, overtime, deductions, loans and bonuses

  • Automated general entry for payroll in finance
  • Generating payslips
  • Bank file creation (WPS)

Employee Administration 


  • Managing Employee Information
  • Expiry Notifications

  • Documents Management 

Keep your employees records updated in one platform and keep all information on your fingertip. Personal details, dependent information, accommodations and insurance details. Get notified for visa & passport expires and stay well informed of all employees records including birthday alerts, personal information and employment contract