Talent Management – Manage | Motivate | Develop



Talent Management from Hire to Retire

  • Core HR
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment Process
  • Training Management
  • Employee Life Cycle



Core HR


  • Define Organizational Structure
  • Identify Salary Structure with grades and levels
  • Set up Job Position
  • Classify Job Definition
  • Map the organization structure


Manage & Motivate

Core HR – Salary Structure

Employee salary structure defines the grid that shows basic salary range for each position in relation to employee groups and levels

  • Accurately Assess Grades
  • Define Salary range for each grade
  • Compensation
  • Define Allowances
  • Manage Variable Earnings 
  • Define Employer Contributions
  • Schedule Leaves 
  • Manage Air Tickets

Performance Management – Objectives Definition


Talento can assist you to evaluate and measure employee performance 

  • Identify Competence Objectives 
  • Define Personal Objectives
  • Evaluate Competency
  • Measure  the performance
  • Setting KPIs
  • Personalize Business & Personal Objectives

Performance Management

Initializing the appraisal process by selecting the period and appraisal level to start with

  • Appraisal email generation for employees and approves
  • Evaluating Employee’s KPIs by line managers

          – Rating business objectives

         – rating personal objectives and rating competencies

  • Review and accept the appraisal process by HR department

Training Management

  • Define Course Category
  • Set the Course
  • Schedule Training Agenda
  • Evaluate Trainer Profile
  • Define Training Evaluation Categories
  • Set up Evaluation Questions
  • Evaluation Rating


Manage & Motivate