Human Resource Management System


Employees working in your organization are the biggest asset and a resource of success. To expand the capability of your whole team, there must be more to your Talent Management methodology than just dealing with their workload. With the best human resource management system, you can build a purposeful workforce full of passion.

Recruit your future leaders with a responsive and agile HR management software

To ensure that your HR group has what it takes for attracting talent filled new generation, you have to explore the key things you need to avoid and the things you need to adapt. It’s a vital time to modernize the process of recruitment to hire future leaders with a clear career path to achieve their distinctive goals.

Regardless which type of solutions companies use for hiring and outsourcing, it is critical to empower employees and keep them emotionally engaged to the goals of organization. To make yourself and employees happy, you need a professional HR solution which will help you to establish a mature and integrated HR system.

Seidor MENA offers a robust and agile Human Capital Management (HCM) solution designed by our experts specifically to meet the requirements and legislations unique to the corporate landscape of Dubai, the UAE, and the GCC region. Featuring an integrated suite of core functionalities, it allows companies in Dubai and across the UAE to achieve their short-term and long-term HR goals.

Talento is a complete Human Capital Management solution including main HR features as Performance Appraisals, Organization chart mapping, Business Objectives, Training of Employees, Recruitment & Onboarding and Careed Development.

Recognized by SAP and integrated to world class ERP solution, Talento is smart and easy to use with several work sheets.

Leverage the main features of Talento: An interactive & user-friendly Human Resource system


  • Define and map organization chart
  • Salary structure (grades, benefits, levels, allowances, salary scale)
  • Job structure (job description & positions)
  • Performance appraisals
  • Personal objectives
  • Air ticket request
  • Expense claim
  • Overtime claim
  • Competence Objectives
  • Business Objectives
  • Recruitment & Onboarding
  • Training Management
  • Travel Management
  • Employees Absence report
  • Employees reviews report
  • Advanced salary request
  • Leave request
  • Training request

Keep your employees happy by growing them, and continue to engage them with consistent learning and development. Lead them to satisfaction and motivation with performance appraisals, and allow them to fully use their skills and abilities.

Talento Benefits for company and employee


  • Find out talent gaps
  • Talent & Labor management
  • Retain top performance
  • Integrated to SAP ERP
  • Reduce complexity & increase efficiency
  • Capture accurate labor data
  • Focus employees on company goals
  • Save time & Cost
  • Learning and Development


It’s time to engage employees and solve their uncertainty. Count on Seidor MENA Talento Solution to achieve your HR strategic goals!