Manage your property rentals


Property rental solution is specifically designed for the real estate rental companies managing self owned as well 3rd party property units. The solution enables you to keep a track of the contracts per unit, their renewals as well as their availably among others. This helps the organization in reducing the new rental and renewal cycle.

Property Unit Master


This is where the details of unit are maintained like price, location, space and other features like the list of the contracts for this unit. 


  • Option to create agreement/reservation directly from the unit.
  • See the list of the contracts created for the unit
  • See the list of residents registered against the units
  • Each unit is treated as a cost/profit center

Property Master


Property master is the header where all the details are maintained for the premise where the individual unit lies are listed. You can have details like property type and elements (characteristics) of the property among other details. 

You can have details like property type and elements of the property among other details


Rental Cycle 


An important first step in your rental cycle is to make your property ready to avoid vacancy days. Have a full visibility for seamless renting. 



Advance booking for the unit can be done by the tenant using the reservation functionality


  • Create the reservation directly from the unit master with just 1 click.
  • Reservation can be copied directly to the rental agreement
  • Receive advance or security deposit against the reservation
  • Approvals can be applied for reservation

Rental Agreement


Rental agreement or contract is the legal document binding the 2 parties. 


  • Register the agreement against the unit or multiple units
  • Create invoices against the rental agreement
  • Define the contract price, duration and other required terms
  • Recognize your monthly earnings from each unit


  • Create your own agreement layout
  • Can also be printed in Arabic
  • Other incomes can also be recognized for the contract such as deposits or commissions
  • Level based approvals can also be applied

Search Engine


In built reporting tool to see the list of vacant/occupied/expired units. 


  • Location wise report to see availability of units
  • Filter by price, space requirement
  • Predict the availability of the units in a few clicks
  • Select the property type for which you want to see the report


  • Renew the complete contract in a few clicks
  • Bulk renewal option also available
  • Option to create a draft or confirmed contract
  • Ability to change the contract price before renewal

Document Creation


You can freely create invoices for rent, commissions, etc. 


  • Create tax based invoices for rent or any other charges
  • Option to choose the GL account for invoice
  • Link multiple charges to a single invoice
  • Option to recognize revenue on the spot or to be deferred
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