Success Driven Solution For Car Dealer Management System


Is your system helping you to speed ahead? Are your customers happy with dealership services? Are you using right technology to manage them? Envision a software best fit for your business which will propels it forward. That gives you a chance to work the way you need to. Whether you are looking for auto dealer management solutions or car dealer management system, we at Seidor are dedicated to reinvent the business solutions for all the services you provide.

Reshaping the automotive DMS, which optimize the workload in all the areas of car dealership and is perfectly fit for the way the car business works today. From purchase of inventory to vehicle, warranty, insurance and profitability high level technology is critical for car dealers to enhance their effectiveness in the expensive and growing market of UAE.

Evolve And Adapt Business Intelligence With The Best Dealer Management System

Count on Seidor MENA Dealer Management Solution Automotivo with flexible, modern and simple to use features. Automotivo is suitable for dealerships of any size from small, midsize to large enterprises business needs. It is secure with simple garage management functionality even to run complex business environments. Automotivo main features include Car dealer – vehicle purchase and sales, Garage after sales service, work orders, spare part management, and financials.

Your client expects the right product and on time services, without fail. For this, you have to plan, adjust and forecast your inventories, assets, and procedures regularly in real time. Whether your workers are dealing with a customer on call or in your showroom, they need real-time data and information. If you rely on outdated process you might confront the danger of client loyalty and trust erosion. The key to success is a smooth flow of automotive information within various departments of your company.

Benefits Of Automotivo

  • Specifically designed for Middle East Region
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Increase profitability
  • Improve Clients Relationship and Satisfaction
  • Simple Data Management
  • Integrate to SAP ERP solution or any other ERP systems
  • Sales and customer tracking
  • Dealer networking
  • MENA region references

Main Features Of Technology With Purpose

  • Car Dealer: Vehicle Purchase and Sales
  • Vehicle Model Data
  • Vehicle Master Data
  • Sales & Purchase process for new, used and consignment vehicles
  • Vehicle Inquiry and Reservation
  • Vehicle sales contract
  • Sales of Insurance, Warranty, Extended Services and accessories
  • After Sales Service
  • Garage Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Work Orders
  • Equipment & HR capacity management
  • Employee Self Service for Mechanic Time Record keeping
  • Spare Parts & Inventory Management
  • Work Order
  • Service Template
  • Job Card
  • Sales Quotation (budget)
  • Resource allocation & capacity management
  • Mechanic Self Service Time keeping
  • Financials
  • Job costing
  • Department cost/profit centers
  • Profit & Loss per job
  • Profit & Loss per department (painting, body shop, electrical, mechanice, etc.)

Vehicle Master Data

Seidor is reliable and stand among the best dealer management system providers in Dubai. A customer oriented Dealer Management Software which is equipped and supported by qualified team with expertise, Automotivo standardize data across locations of MENA region. We meet your demands and provide quality satisfaction with on time and budget friendly services.