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The origin of the products line in R/3 is an architecture whose functional and technical bases are 25 years old. During these 25 years the product has been changing and evolving on these bases.

The compatibility of the functionality maintenance in each version is a burden that does not allow for some aspects to re-engineering.

SAP S/4HANA inherits most of the functionality and logic of ancestor but in some aspects it is disruptive with the consequent impact on the passage from one product to another.

S/4HANA Migration

How SAP S/4 HANA integration benefits Dubai businesses

The SAP S/4 HANA can contribute immediately to any business, sector, or industry by simplifying processes and streamlining business operations. SAP S/4 HANA partners in Dubai can leverage the solution’s simplification of various processes, such as data modelling, customer adoption, user experience, and decision making. Additionally, S/4 HANA partners benefit from innovative technology such as the use of Big Data, internet connectivity, business networks, and optimisation for mobile use. Whether you choose to deploy it as a cloud-based technology or as an on-premise solution, S/4 HANA offers reduced costs and improved productivity for your team and your business.

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Take the productivity and efficiency of your business to the next level with the comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite integrated within the advanced in-memory platform, SAP HANA. From accelerating business processes to automating tasks, S/4 HANA partners benefit from a range of capabilities built into the system.

Key Benefits

Navigable and easy to use UX

S/4 HANA partners in Dubai benefit from a smooth and intelligent UX in addition to a smart, context-aware, business-oriented digital assistant, both of which can be deployed organisation wide.  

Task automation

Easily automate tasks and processes and indicate input requirements to users with intelligent functionality and learning capabilities.

Roll-out advanced business processes

Unlock new value by introducing the latest innovations on an enterprise level to allow your personnel to make better and faster business decisions.

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Make your financial processes digital

S/4 HANA partners in Dubai can get a clear and accurate overview of their financial performance in real time and manage their financial resources with ease through built-in capabilities such as budget planning, spending analysis, and treasury management.

Improve your supply chain

Improve the agility and visibility of your digital supply chain by maximising the potential of machine learning for logistics, asset management, and manufacturing.

Accomplish your procurement needs before they arise

Leverage intelligent applications integrated with machine learning technology to improve purchasing, enhance supplier management, and implement collaborative contract management and sourcing.

Effectively manage product lifecycles

Build a fully-aligned product portfolio that allows efficient management of product life-cycles, monitoring of production costs, and deployment of resources across the entire organisation.

System-wide analytics and insight

S/4 HANA partners in Dubai can use the platform to view entire aspects of their business and leverage customer insights to boost marketing, sales, and service teams with data-driven strategies, for increased productivity and revenue.

Customisable functionality for your business

Customise your solution according to the specific needs of your organisation, without dealing with the common challenges of custom coding and system integration.

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