Celonis Process Mining

Get On-Demand Execution Management with Celonis

What is Celonis

Celonis is the market leader in AI-enhanced Process Mining and Process Excellence. Headquartered in Munich and New York with more than 1000 employees worldwide, Celonis helps companies in every industry remove friction from critical business processes and improve execution. The system knows how processes really run, senses friction in real time, and acts with intelligent automation and recommendations. Companies around the world, including Siemens, Uber, Citi, Coca-Cola, and Vodafone, have harnessed the power of Celonis to drive execution and outcomes, generating millions of dollars in value.

How Process Mining Technology Works

Every business process leaves its footprint in your systems. But tracking and visualizing all those process trails in real time can be difficult or impossible without the right technology.Process Mining solves that problem by providing companies with a completely objective, data-driven, live picture of what their processes actually look like. This AI-driven technology makes this possible by collecting and analyzing a combination of business data time-stamped event logs  and user interaction data. Think of it like an MRI scan for your processes. In medicine, magnetic resonance imaging technology gathers information from your body’s cells to create an image, which doctors then use to diagnose the state of your health. Process Mining is similar in that it gathers data from your most granular operations and brings the pieces together to create a live picture of your data as it flows through your systems, diagnosing the health of your processes.


Frictionless System Migration

SEIDOR enables IT teams to deliver strategic value during migration projects by understanding end-to-end processes across system landscape, eliminating friction in your as-is and to-be processes, proactively mitigating migration risks, and monitoring process adoption to accelerate value realization.

With Celonis solutions, SEIDOR provides these insights across the migration timeline from pre-migration process optimization, through process mapping, fit-gap, and change management and into continuous optimization. SEIDOR & Celonis not only brings many of the core issues of these phases to light, but also reveals the root causes and resolution paths, and empowers IT leaders to implement the right changes to ensure migration success and value.

Financial Management 

Operate finance smoothly, efficiently, and reliably. Improve cash flow. Use the best practice and reduce days sales outstanding and risk of nonpayment. Closely monitor liquidity status and forecasts

Customer Relations Management

Build successful and sustainable relationships. Integrate all CRM activities and build strong relations with clients. Let the system support your entire customer life-cycle.    

Project Management 

Execute projects efficiently and profitably. Plan interactively and resource effectively. With SAP Business ByDesign using Gantt charts projects are not fragmented

Human Resource Management

Deliver high-quality, cost-effective HR services. Attract, develop and retain your employees. Manage pay. System provides the features and functionalities supporting best practice. 

Supply Chain Management 

Improve procurement performance and optimize costs. Raise productivity and analyze more effectively. Use make-to-order/stock facilities to help ensure components are supplied at the right time.  

Financial Analysis and Planning

Plan with insight and confidence. Improve profitability and streamline planning. View profit in three different dimensions – order profit, invoiced profit, and earned profit.

What is process mining? How exactly does this new Big Data Analytics Technology work and what are its benefits? This introductory video explains how Celonis Process Mining makes business processes 100% transparent in order to uncover inefficiencies, bottlenecks and compliance violations. These insights are used to increase the efficiency and quality of processes dramatically.