Instant Smart Value for Electronic Goods

Are you a manufacturer of consumer goods or capital goods for the industry? Do you often face uncertainty about the actual condition of your equipment?

At Seidor, we know you cannot risk halting your production chain when unexpected failures arise. Going digital to be able to diagnose any anomaly earlier is key for your business. And, with SAP Intelligent solution, also straightforward.


What is Instant Smart Value for Electronic Goods 

SAP Intelligent solutions is a platform integrating every IoT device to harness all the potential of Big Data and gain full insight about your business.

Seidor Instant Smart Value for Electronic Goods is a cloud-based packaged solution enabling to monitor the behaviour of your production plant and detect any anomaly earlier, by embedding sensors that measure different parameters of your equipment.


With the advent of the Internet of Things, the pace of business has changed dramatically, and production and supply chains are becoming increasingly complex

SAP Leonardo combines new technologies and services to harness the power of data and thus drive the digital transformation of your business by turning information into a key decision-making asset.

By integrating leading-edge technology running through SAP’s cloud, Seidor Instant Clever for Electronic Goods, enables taking control of your business through ongoing analysis of your data in real time

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