How to increase crop yield while reducing costs?


It is highly likely that you are facing challenges on the farm like how to reduce water consumption; minimise the high costs of fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides, crops etc.; reduce environmental impact and increase quality.

In summary, in order to increase crop yield and reduce costs, you need to manage each field by the square foot, making sure you meet the precise needs of each area.


What is Seidor Smart Farming?


Seidor Precision Farming is a packaged solution that enables you to use ground and environmental sensors to monitor different variables that affect production in real time, so that you can decide what action to take, foot by foot.

This solution is based on SAP Leonardo, a cloud platform that integrates all Internet of Things devices to make use of Big Data and gain a full overview of the condition of your crop.


Easy Monitoring & Controlling

  • SAP Leonardo brings together new technologies and services to use data to bring about the digital transformation of your business by making information a vital element in decision making. 
  • Using cutting-edge SAP cloud technology, Seidor Instant Clever for Electronic Goods, you will be able to control your business through continuous analysis of real-time data.

Product cost / single payment from $52.000

SAP Licenses implementation period 

Seidor product licenses 

Installation and set up 

Basic Customization 

Consultation Day with our Engineering Architect 

Product cost / single payment from $2.200


Basic Monitoring 

Version updates 

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SAP Cloud Platform licenses:

not included

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