What is SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba gives you control over spending by getting rid of anything that gets in the way… SAP Ariba is a powerful way to quickly manage spending – packaged and priced to fit your business and designed to scale as you grow – so you can improve cash flow, control, and compliance without adding complexity.

Seidor digital P2P Value 

  • Highly affordable way for mid-market companies to control spending. Without adding complexity, Package allows companies to quickly improve cash flow, control, and compliance
  • Backed by best practices over 30 years of experience in implementing procurement solutions in different industry verticals pre-delivered to you in a one package
  • Packaged and priced to fit your business, and designed to scale as you grow 
  • Easy to administer and easy to adopt to control over spending 
  • Easy to deploy with Seidor expertise and presence 
  • Pre-configured with spend categories that matter for your industry in one package. 
  • Access to a marketplace with thousand SKUs one day

Seidor digital P2P Scope

  • Guided Buying experience on up-to 15 Common categories
  • Pre-created up-to 10 forms
  • Up-to 10 forms For 3 Bids and Buy
  • 9 Sourcing Policies Tied to forms
  • Standard approval flows requisition, receipt, contract requests, invoices, IR, User profile 
  • Supplier on-boarding self-service manual 
  • Invoices against contracts

Seidor Digital P2P Package Benefits

Saving across all spending

Package is pre-configured with the spend categories that matter to your industry

Eliminate paperwork, endless emails

Solution allows you to cut down costs and time associated with deploying a new procurement solution

Connect to tons of suppliers

Transmission of Purchase Order, Order Acknowledgements, Advanced Ship Notices via Ariba Network 

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