Pol Alguero 

SAP Technical Consultant  

I was born in Barcelona on 1988. When I was 3 my family decided to move to a village next to Barcelona. I attended the school there and then I returned to Barcelona to finalize my high school studies.

During my childhood I spent most of my time outside riding the bike and playing some videogames with my friends. At this point my parents decided to buy a computer, and that changed my life. I started to explore the computer – mainly to play some games and discover the early years of the internet. We used to download some songs (it took ages, as the speed was very slow at that time, impossible to think in movies).

So, during my last 2 years of high school I decided that I will go to College to study Computer Science.

My early years at College were a bit boring but then I specialized on Information Systems and went to Nederland’s to finish my studies. That was one of the most important year of my life as I learned a lot about life. It was my first time living abroad and by my own. I learned how to organize myself, how to live with foreign students and with other cultures as well.

While living on the Nederland’s I decided that I will like to work abroad as Spain had a big economical crisis and there were almost no opportunities. This is the reason I ended up moving to Dubai.

How did you know about Seidor?

It is kind of funny because Seidor is a Spanish company, but I didn’t know them. When I was working in Barcelona I was working for an Irish company and we had no business in Spain, so I had no contact with them.

I discovered Seidor once I was already in Dubai and looking for an opportunity. I found them on the SAP partner list as they had Juan Carlos and Ignacio Ruiz name on it. As they are Spanish names, I contacted them, and then my story with Seidor begun!

Tell us more about your activities on your free time.

Dubai is a great city that offers you a lot of different activities. One of the good think about living here is that most of the people has to open at some point to meet new people, as everyone here comes from another part of the world.

So, during my free time I like to go out with friends, go to the gym and spend some time with my girlfriend. I also like to do some water activities like wake surfing, which I discovered here in Dubai.

What do you like the most and the least about IT and how it’s shaping your future?

The thing I like most about IT is the opportunity that gives you to learn something new every day. I love technology and IT allows me to work with different and newer technologies every day.

The least think about IT is that is a world mainly dominated by men which at the end creates a work environment unbalanced. I hope some day more girls will join our movement as I think they are crucial for IT future development.

How would you describe working in Seidor and your best moments?

Working with Seidor has been great so far for me. I had always my home close to Seidor office which allowed me to even go to the office by walk. That is priceless.

Seidor also gives me a lot of flexibility and allows me to work remotely which some times helps me a lot.

My best moment with Seidor have been probably during the annual meeting that we had all the employees from Seidor Mena, as we did a lot of fun activities together and we ended up always having an amazing night all together.

What do you enjoy the most about working at your company?

What I enjoy most about working at Seidor is the mix of cultures that we have and how we have been able to create a healthy work environment. I wake up everyday motivated to go to the office which indicates that we really enjoy working here.

Do you have any rituals that help prepare you for the day?

Yes, I try to do some sport almost every day and try to finish my work at the office and don’t bring a lot of work home, as I think it’s good to disconnect every day from work in order to be fresher for the next day at the office.

Quote to live your life by?

You only live once! This is also my favorite song from The Strokes.