Pol Alguero 

I was born in Barcelona on 1988. When I was 3 my family decided to move to a village next to Barcelona. I attended the school there and then I returned to Barcelona to finalize my high school studies.

During my childhood I spent most of my time outside riding the bike and playing some videogames with my friends. At this point my parents decided to buy a computer, and that changed my life. I started to explore the computer – mainly to play some games and discover the early years of the internet. We used to download some songs (it took ages, as the speed was very slow at that time, impossible to think in movies).

So, during my last 2 years of high school I decided that I will go to College to study Computer Science.

My early years at College were a bit boring but then I specialized on Information Systems and went to Nederland’s to finish my studies. That was one of the most important year of my life as I learned a lot about life. It was my first time living abroad and by my own. I learned how to organize myself, how to live with foreign students and with other cultures as well.

While living on the Nederland’s I decided that I will like to work abroad as Spain had a big economical crisis and there were almost no opportunities. This is the reason I ended up moving to Dubai.