Hedaia Neiroukh 

I am Palestinian/Jordanian born in Saudi, I grew up in Jordan, its where my family lives and the meet up country for me and my friends who live in a different places across the world.

I have Industrial Engineering degree and joined IT sector immediately after graduation. I am a wife and a mother of the cutest six months baby boy.

I met my husband back in university where he was also a student in engineering faculty, after graduating we got engaged and moved to Dubai where we got married. 

What do you enjoy the most about working at Seidor?

The diversification in our company is interesting, there is something new that I can learn every day, weather professionally from other consultants who have experience from different countries or even personally were I can learn more about each culture and bits and pieces from my colleagues languages. 

What do you like the most and the least about procurement?

Procurement is the department that connects all business requirements, through knowing the process of procurement in a company, almost a complete view of all other department’s processes is clear.

On the other hand, procurement from Ariba Consultant point of view is so complicated when dealing with suppliers that comes from different competency levels.

Women in Technology 

As a woman, it is my nature to aim for perfection.  As an IT professional, I focus on precision.   As a mother, I have found the balance to doing it all and doing it right. 

Later, after getting married and having a baby, which was a game changer, and because of the woman nature to take care of everything perfectly, that have maximized the pressure of “Doing it all and do it right” which applies on both my job and my family.

Tell us more about your passion and your and your activities on your free time.

My time is divided into two types, the family time and my alone time.

In my family time, i spent a lot playing with my boy, or going out together, and also try to find extra time for documentary movies with.

My alone time is different story, its where I can find peace and recharge my power. The first thing that I am passionate about is reading, it’s essential for me to have a book either a paper of electronic always with me to read in the slightest ideal time during my day. My second and most important passion is art, I have started to draw and paint long time ago and it’s my ambition to build something for myself with this talent, I also like to learn all kind of arts you can check my Instagram account to see some of my paintings https://www.instagram.com/hedaianeiroukh/.

Quote to live your life by?

“Create something today even if it Sucks”

it’s a strange saying to live by I know, but for me it means a lot, it means never to remain ideal, never be lazy, always do something new and produce. It mostly applies on my art activities, to create something new everyday means to practice and to be better, but it also can be applied on my job and learning something new every day.

My sketches