Sea Food and Fish Distribution

Digital Transformation leads to ‘Sea Change’ for ASMAK

Mamoon Othman, Chief Executive Officer of IHC, spoke to CNME Editor Mark Forker, about why they selected SAP’s technology to drive their digital transformation goals, the challenges they needed to overcome to achieve greater operational efficiency, and the success of its partnership with experienced IT leader Seidor MENA. Read the Interview

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Fast Food Services

McDonalds UAE (Emirates Fast Food Company): Building a Digital Enterprise to Satisfy Customer Hunger for More

Emirates Fast Food Company LLC owns and operates McDonald’s restaurants in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). To deliver the consistent dining experience that customers have come to expect from McDonald’s at a growing number of restaurants across the region, Emirates Fast Food Company totally transformed its business operations. With integrated, automated, digital workflows for finance, procurement, inventory management, and HR processes, Emirates Fast Food Company can serve up a satisfying experience for customers and employees as it continues to expand.

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