Council of Excellence

Bringing Innovative Ideas and add value solutions to our Customers to run their business better


We ensure our Customers receive a first-class experience with Seidor MENA every time and with the right Team who are highly qualified achieving excellence in every project. Seidor MENA “Customers Council of Excellence” club events which are hold quarterly, enables an open and direct exchange discussions between customers and partners, giving them the chance to share ideas, best practices and visions around SAP Practice. Being reliable partner for its customers Seidor MENA strives for client satisfaction and dedication

Seidor MENA is taking the initiative to establish a SAP customer council meeting. The main objectives of the council are:

  • to establish business collaboration in the SAP customer community
  • to exchange and receive feedback on services and product offering
  • to be informed of SAP technology innovations and business trends


Please follow us for future our Council Events. Club gathering will take place once in quarter