JAFZA Customs & Transit

Today, the UAE remains a vital re-export point between east and west. The GCC’s expansive coastline, stretching from the Gulf of Oman to the east and the Arabian Gulf to the west, led to the development of a number of strategic ports over the years. Hence, it is a great pleasure to introduce the UAE Imports & Exports JAFZA Customs & Transit Solution. The software, JAFZA Customs, was developed specifically for UAE companies importing and exporting goods via Jebel Ali port. It offers a complete solution for the easy and integrated processing of import and export customs clearances.

JAWZA Customs Solution gives you green light for …

… Smooth Customs Processing

Solution Advantages:

  • Simplified processing of import and export customs clearances
  • Faster logistics processes sales, purchasing and logistics workflows
  • Reduction of customs clearance expenses
  • Integration with Jebel Ali Free Zone Port
  • Simplifies customs sales export process by tracking against the bill of entry number
  • Faster transit and logistics process
  • Integrated to SAP Business One ERP Solution
  • Customs documents are in order

Shipping Documents 

The shipping document is part of the procurement process and contains information relating to goods in transit. The shipping document is created by copying one or more purchase orders, and is used as the base document for creating the Bill of Entry document for imported goods.

Bill of Entry Document 

The Bill of Entry document is the heart of the solution.  The bill of entry document is created and updated based on multiple business scenarios described in the Purchasing and Sales sections that follow. Depending on the business scenario, the bill of entry document is created from a shipping document, a purchase order, or an inventory transfer.

The Bill of Entry document is updated automatically throughout the lifecycle of the products included in the document. It maintains a virtual inventory status of each item in the document; quantity received, sold, transferred, or used in the manufacturing process.  It keeps track of the refund amount, the refund penalty as per the customs regulations, and the refund validity (expiry date).

Customs Exit Document 

The customs exit document is required during the sales export process. It is relevant for goods imported via the Jebel Ali port, and tracked against the bill of entry number. The customs exit document has a life cycle that can span across several months; submitted, refund approved, stamped, fees received. 

Container Management 

It is essential to manage the items in the shipping document by container. The solution enables to assign and track the items in one or more containers.