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Get On-Demand Business Growth with SAP Business ByDesign

Forming and sustaining a new business in the ever growing and lucrative market of MENA is still challenging. To ease your worries, our SAP ERP solution in Dubai offers the global tools to bring together and integrate everything involved in businesses.

The SAP Business ByDesign is a business management software and a complete cloud-based ERP solution that allows you to manage all of your key functions, including procurement, manufacturing, professional services, customer relationships management, finance, HR, supply chain and reporting without setting up an IT department. To boost the profitability and efficiency of your company, it provides a worldwide mid-market ERP framework which implements functionalities and analytics anytime.

Business ByDesign is the most flexible, adaptable and on-demand SAP Solution in Dubai and UAE that enables executives and staff to concentrate on their companies and not on IT-related issues.

Affordable, trusted and comprehensive, Business ByDesign is a cloud-based ERP solution that is easy to use and secure. With this ERP solution, businesses can experience smooth and efficient operations with support from SAP and Seidor Group. One of the top ERP solutions providers in UAE, we offer you an ERP software in Dubai that gives you a 360-degree view of your business, while leveraging our resources as SAP’s Business Partner Group and our vast network of customers across different sectors.

Take Advantage of Today’s Innovation to Prosper in Future!

Staying up with the latest and innovative demands of today’s corporate world is a tough test for any organization, in any growing industry of UAE. Using the best ERP in Dubai that can bolster a huge number of daily procedures, infrastructure, transformation, copyright and digital framework, which are crucial to the success of any businesses.

As one of the leading ERP software companies in Dubai and UAE, we bring you this cloud-based solution that offers an automated and focused solution to run a company and sales of services, removing the inconvenience of maintaining and monitoring spreadsheets and keeping an account of endless e-mail threads.

Seidor’s expertise and aptitude empowers us to give convincing, cost-effective services and savvy business benefits that give our customers a reasonable upper hand and competitive advantage during the process. We know our customers and their culture, and our specialists are driven by client-oriented solutions. Based on our profound information of the customer’s business structure, we create powerful approaches to transforming their businesses with SAP.

SAP Business ByDesign offers an extensive ERP solution that provides full multi-dimensional analytics and hundreds of out-of-the-box reports for the most complex needs of organizations.

Tailored ERP solution according to your needs

  • Store Data: Unlimited user-defined fields populated with substantial and valid data and highest levels of security in every location.
  • Customized Forms: Flexible and powerful forms layouts with automatic determination for country, region and language for your business product.
  • SAP Store: Easily extend your solution and access prebuilt reports, integrations, and forms from SAP store.
  • Natively Mobile : Access your data with a complete and comprehensive web-browser-based application and give equal access to every user all over the country and world, without any VPN or terminal server.

Run Your Business Without IT Department:

  • Schedule and Forecast:
  • Arrange and track your project within the normal assets, time and materials required for business execution.
  • Monitor and Execute:
  • Clients can enter data specifically into ByDesign with self-administrated login accounts to submit reports, keep an eye on time sheets and update tasks as required. It also helps in maintaining the data of external resources and contractors.
  • Integrated Management:
  • Oversee billing arrangements of action based on milestones, or simply as required for your business.
  • Easy Framework:
  • This ERP software gives you the advantages of extensive scale administration capabilities without putting resources into a huge IT framework. Upgrade, manage, or maintain the business solution with the help of SAP experts at hosted data centers worldwide.

Globally founded experience & multi-faceted ERP specialists

Seidor is one of the select ERP companies in Dubai and across the UAE that have more than 30 years of experience in SAP Implementation. Through an international network of 56 offices, we have presence across 25 countries in 5 continents, allowing us to be of service to companies in various sectors around the world.

We offer a profound wealth of experience and unrivalled expertise gained through intelligent data gathering and analysis, matched with our passion and commitment to consistently strive for excellence in all areas of our services particularly in providing reliable and timely support to each and every client.

Our select team of highly skilled specialists provide in-depth insight into the capabilities and advantages of ERP solutions, allowing clients to quickly adapt and integrate the ERP software into their daily business operations and experience the ERP’s benefits promptly. From the consultation and integration, up to training, support and maintenance, we provide best-in-class expertise and services to clients that enhance the overall performance of their organisation and people.

With our internationally leading expertise, we stand as one of the top ERP companies in UAE and across the Middle East bringing insightful and targeted solutions to businesses with the aim of revolutionising their current processes and bottom line using the best ERP solution for them.

For a detailed consultation with our ERP specialists, get connected with us through 04 375 5333 / 052 7110 748 or email:

Optimise your processes. Enhance your people’s efficiency and skills. Evolve your business operations. Contact Seidor today to discuss your requirements.

why to choose Seidormena for ERP solutions in dubai


Increase visibility and insight

Stand out from the competition by offering enhanced mobile access capabilities and advanced security tools.


Anywhere access for productive workforce

Simplify the complexity of enterprise mobility and enhance security with a complete, end-to-end, mobile-device management solution.


Reduce costs eliminating IT department

Secure and control your corporate data while giving business users anytime, anywhere access to personal business documents and corporate content.


Run connected and adabtable business

Enable a mobile transaction channel that makes it easy for customers to make purchases, pay bills, and transfer funds.