Visualize Your Sales Data with SAP Lumira

Organizations can no longer focus solely on delivering the best product or service. To succeed, they must uncover hidden customer trends and insights; anticipate behavior and then take proactive action; and empower the team with intelligent next steps to exceed customer expectations.

Seidor MENA having broad experience is supported, tested and guaranteed by many real business experiences in companies of all sizes and sectors. In addition to the qualified team of consultants who deploy their expertise in different areas, we have the cooperation of a selective network of partners; as well as agreements and strategic alliances with leading technology manufacturers worldwide.


Do you have the right tools in place to plan, predict and quickly adapt in today’s economy?


SAP Analytics allows you to achieve real-time insights that increase understanding of customer behavior, improve your response to customers, and deliver tangible business value – ultimately driving your profitability


What is SAP Lumira™

SAP Lumira is an agile visualization solution that allows business analysts to combine multiple data sources and quickly discover unique insight that can be shared throughout the organization. Designed for ease of use, the software combines fast data manipulation with visualizations, allowing users to explore and analyze trends and maximize data knowledge.


What can I do with SAP Lumira
  • Connect quickly to all the data you need – big and small
  • Combine and transform enterprise and personal data sources in a repeatable, self-service way
  • Create beautiful graphics and visualizations to convey and share knowledge
  • Show the “where” of your data using interactive maps and geolocations
  • Share your insights instantly using the cloud by uploading visualizations and stories on SAP Lumira Cloud, making it easy to collaborate with teammates and colleagues.
  • Create, explore, and share analytics and make them available via web browsers or mobile devices.

What is the business value of SAP Lumira

  • Deliver faster time to insight in a repeatable, self-service way
  • Maximize business knowledge with big-picture insights and granular details
  • Increase self-service data usage without adding to your IT department’s workload
  • Visualize any amount of data in real time with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
Visualize Your Sales Data with SAP Lumira