We are Ready to Listen Our Customers and Gain Their Trust

About us

We Work for the Satisfaction of Each Our Customer


Flexibility. We adapt to the specific needs of each customer and offer customized solutions.
Commitment. With ourselves and with our customers to maintain quality services at all times.
We get involved to the maximum in each project and work with the commitment to create a long-term relationship based on effectiveness and efficiency of our team.
Customer orientation. We design projects according to customer demands, being able to satisfy their needs.
Orientation to results. Fundamental to set measurable goals and objectives to ensure a way forward in each project.
Future vision. We care not only for today but also for tomorrow, assuring our customers full involvement in complete lifecycle of the project for a successful delivery of the projects we undertake.
Experience. More than 30 years providing cutting edge technological solutions.
Innovation. We invest in research and development, designing new products and services to suit the changing industry trends.
Quality. The ongoing effort to achieve excellence in every service we develop.
Confidence. Any information we work with is treated with rigorous professional ethics.


ICT services multinational with 100% Spanish capital, founded in 1982

Offices in Europe, Latin America, the US, the Middle East and Africa

TURNOVER total of more than €290M in 2015

+7,000 Satisfied Customers 

Trust of our strategic Partners and Customers

Global Presence with 56 offices in 25 countries